Our Vision

GRADUATE TRAINING AND ATTITUDE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED aspires to the developing of employees attitudes at work and to serve as a hub for maximizing the attitude of the minds of people, enhance managerial thinking towards productivity and providing solutions to the negative attitudes.

 Our Mission

The mission of GRADUATE TRAINING AND ATTITUDE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED is to find out, develop and mould employees into servant leadership perspective, training them to strategic standards, to be able to lead change of attitudes, drive innovation and solve complex problems, In the process, by redefining Management to mean positive attitudes.

 Massage from the Managing Consultant

In 2013, when I completed a Master`s Degree in Gender Peace and Security with the Prestigious GHANA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION in Collaboration with KOFI ANNAN INTERNATIONAL PEACEKEEPING TRAINING CENTRE  I returned to Nigeria to seek for employment, and while I visited some corporate Organizations to submit my Resume I observed the sort of Reception to which most of the Security and Front desk employees rendered to customers and members of the public, then I ask myself a question “ why this sort of behavior by people that are supposed to be company`s images?” and when I tried to conceptualizing how all of these could be corrected, then I realized the only thing that motivates a large number of employees is MONEY (tips or fraud)  and I said to myself perhaps the pay is small or the wrong people were hired. And after thinking in and out of the box I concluded that, it was just an “attitude” a negative attitude that can be changed, and as a way of summary it was certain that “Attitude Determines Performance and performance enhances productivity and productivity fosters competitive advantage”

At this end, it is therefore evident that Positive Attitudes are essential elements for creating a superb workplace climate. It’s what really matters… When we think about the basics elements of human relationships, we think primarily about the attitude we each bring to relationships, whether they are personal or professional in nature.

Attitude is the first thing you remember when you think about transacting business with someone, hence the registration of GRADUATE TRAINING AND ATTITUDE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED in June  2014 for Management Training and Attitude Coaching.

Philippians 2:5 says, “Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus”

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